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Create a Flipbook of Your Top 20 Instagrams With Everlapse Tool

A new web tool from Everlapse, an app that creates Vine-like flipbooks of photographs, curates your 20 most-favorited Instagram snaps into an shareable and embeddable slideshow.

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Mobile and Responsive Design: Hype or Hope? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is a dream for many people responsible in the developer field: Creating a mobile app once, without the need to amend it for any screen, any device or any audience.

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Why Our Understanding of Social Media Must Always Be Placed in Context

Context always matters. Whether it’s what we write or what we say. Everything detail has the potential to affect the context of what we think or say.

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Do Brand Characters Help or Hurt Visual Content Marketing on Facebook?

Do brand characters like Tony the Tiger actually help a brand’s visual content marketing efforts on Facebook? Taggs conducted a social media research study to find out. (Do Brand Characters Help or Hurt Visual Content Mktg on Facebook?

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Starbucks Partners With Google to Speed Up Wi-Fi in Stores

If you’ve ever felt the Internet connection at your local Starbucks is too slow, you’re in luck.

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If Facebook Can Profit From Your Data, Why Can’t You?



It has become the Internet’s defining business model: free online services make their money by feeding on all the personal data generated by their users. Think Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, and how they serve targeted ads based on your preferences and interests, or make deals to share collected data with other companies.

Before the end of this year, Web users should be able to take a more active role in monetizing their personal data. Michael Fertik, cofounder and CEO of startup, says his company will launch a feature that lets users share certain personal information with other companies in return for discounts or other perks. Allowing airlines access to information about your income, for example, might lead to offers of loyalty points or an upgrade on your next flight. Read more…

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15 Adorable Animals Acting Like Humans



This week, we asked you to humanize your animals for our photo challenge. We wanted your pets to pose in creative ways, or for you to simply capture the candid moments when your dog smiles and bares his teeth or your cat sits her bum down on the couch. All 150 submissions were original and absolutely adorable.

“We’re amazed at the level of creativity,” said our guest curator, Menswear Dog. “Animals can be really expressive and it’s awesome to see that captured in these photos. I would have loved to pick more than 15 — there are a lot of solid photos to choose from.”

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1 Out of 4 People Friend-Request Before the First Date



When you’re on that first-ever first date, you have all kinds of questions: Should I hold her hand? Is a kiss goodnight too much to ask? How will I know if he likes me back?

On second dates and third dates, you begin to figure things out. That is, until digital communication complicates it even further. Suddenly you’re not just waiting on a call, you’re also half-expecting a Facebook message or a Snapchat. And oh, good grief, what if you sent that naughty photo to the wrong person?

Along with the help of Survata, Mashable surveyed 3,000 participants on what they found acceptable and polite in regard to dating in the digital age Read more…

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How Can Twitter Make It Easier to Report Hate Speech?



Death threats, rape threats and misogynist hate mail. If you’re a woman who likes to express her opinion on the Internet, these might seem like inevitable responses. Just ask Anita Sarkeesian.

But this week may have been the final straw when it comes to Twitter‘s sexist hate mail problem. After feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez received 50 rape threats in an hour, people began to sit up and take notice: The threats were plain to see, and Twitter didn’t seem to be doing anything about it.

So, what did Criado-Perez do to inspire this level of vitriol? Not even anything particularly controversial: She’d led a campaign for a woman to be put on British banknotes. Read more…

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The Teacher’s Guide to Social Media



Education is a two-way street — oftentimes, those who teach could stand to learn a few things as well.

Social media, for one, is largely dominated by Generation Y. We invented it, we grew up with it and we know it like the back of our keyboard-ready hands

In some schools, tablets and social networks are becoming primary classroom tools. Even digitally-versed teachers need to evolve with the language of their increasingly connected students

Don’t sweat it. Below, we’ve thrown together some basic guidelines teachers should follow when embracing technology in the classroom Read more…

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