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Online Marketing Company Ajax Union Hosts December SEO …



Online Marketing Company Ajax Union Hosts December SEO …

"From Yahoo! Finance: NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Online marketing agency Ajax Union will host a seminar on December 17, 2012, for business ……/online-marketing-company-ajax-union-…"



10 Minutes To Small Business Website Marketing



10 Minutes To Small Business Website Marketing

"Website marketing is never the same for any business as you might have a bricks and mortar business to market, or maybe an Internet only website business. These are two very different businesses and you will have to pick out the best marketing ideas to …"



The Formula for Business Success | MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog



The Formula for Business Success | MarketingProfs Daily Fix Blog

"In interviewing Jeff Bander for the Marketing Smarts podcast, I discovered his formula for success. Here's what he had to"



Secrets to Success for Social Media in Business in 2013



Secrets to Success for Social Media in Business in 2013

"The question I'm being asked by senior teams I work with from Fortune 500 companies goes like this, "At the 30,000-foot level, what are the two or three critical success factors we should be focused on to move forward as a social business in 2013?" …"



Get rid of your weakest link ASAP. They will ruin you!

Tom Player, Stephanie Christie, David B. McKenna, Brett Hestla and Ed Brennan, give tips on sustaining and making a living with your career in entertainment business with the help of a Team, Social Media, Management, Trust, Aggregators, Sales. Special thanks goes to the FMF 2012 (Florida Music Festival)'s creators Sean Perry and Rick Wheeler of Axis Magazine for this wonderful event that takes place every year! Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing and enlisting in the practices of Advanced Internet Marketing Strategy, assisted through the usage of accelerated Search Engine Optimization tactic. Shorty Produkshins works with a variety of businesses including, but not limited to, the music world and fashion industries, athletics, social networks, non-profit organizations, small businesses, events and venues in providing the ultimate interactive experience in connecting their brand with specific target audiences. Shorty Produkshins executes the practices of Social Branding and Event Marketing in taking a brand to the next level through social platforms, interactive tools, optimization and trade secret techniques in creating a strong web presence for each particular brand and subsidiarial trademark. Shorty Produkshins actively connects current and potential consumers with a dedicated brand loyalty and awareness that will lead to stronger demands for that brand, while ensuring higher ROIs from their associated

The Art of Color Coordination in Web Design [Infographic] » Design …



The Art of Color Coordination in Web Design [Infographic] » Design …

"Good color choices should never be neglected in web design. A bad color combination can have the same negative effect as poor copy and slow load times. In.Design You Trust – Design Blog…"



Powerful Ways to Customize WordPress User Profiles



Powerful Ways to Customize WordPress User Profiles

"One of the best ways to encourage healthy user interaction and engagement on a WordPress website is to provide an excellent user profile system. … The Importance Of Wireframes In Web Design And 9 Tools To Create Wireframes …Onextrapixel – Web Design & Developme…"



A One-Stop Web-Based Shop For Comic Book Publishing

It’s great to see a group of entrepreneurs devoted to bringing work from emerging graphic artists to the mainstream marketplace.


A One-Stop Web-Based Shop For Comic Book Publishing

"As Adrian Tomine has pointed out, the one-time subculture of comics and graphic novels has quickly migrated into the mainstream. The marketplace for visual stories might be booming, but until recently, graphic offerings on e-reader platforms were …Co.Design"


Optimizing Typography in Responsive Web Design

Typography is an important aspect of responsive web design. Even though it may look confusing at first, optimizing it is not very difficult.


Optimizing Typography in Responsive Web Design

"We will be discussing typography vis a vis responsive web design. Our focus will be on typography strictly in relation to responsive web design…/typography-responsive-web-desig…"


20 Excellent Portfolios and Design Agency … – Web Design Ledger

A collection of excellent sites that you can learn a lot from


20 Excellent Portfolios and Design Agency … – Web Design Ledger

"If you're looking for inspiration for your own portfolio site, browsing design agency websites is a good place to start. In this post, we've gathered a.Web Design Ledger"


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