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Happy 2014 Social Media Day!



Happy Social Media Day from all of us at Mashable.

This year marks the fifth-annual global celebration, and it’s gearing up to be one of the largest yet, with hundreds of events around the world, many of which are bringing hundreds and sometimes thousands of people together.

While many can (and do) argue that every day is essentially Social Media Day, this holiday welcomes the world to sit back for a moment and reflect on the widespread changes social media and the digital revolution have provided us.

So how can you celebrate? You can take part in the global conversation online today through the hashtag #SMDay or seek out an in-person event at a Meetup near you. Read more…

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What Is Social Selling and Will It Work For You?

Are you interested in generating more leads, prospects and sales using social media but don’t know where to start? Have you invested time and maybe even money into marketing on social media, but just have seen the kind of results you hoped for? Social selling may be the solution you have…

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Artists Journey Through Mexico’s Abandoned Train Tracks In Homemade ‘Spacecraft’

“We started by building a spacecraft,” begin Ivan Puig and Andrés Padilla Domene, brothers and artists based in Mexico. They dubbed the hulking aluminum beast, which resembles a stage prop as much as a working vehicle, SEFT-1. The retro-futuristic spaceship, appearing both vintage and futuristic, is only part of the brothers’ artistic adventure. They’re using the uncanny vessel to explore the train tracks connecting Mexico City to the Atlantic Ocean — tracks that have been abandoned for almost 20 years. The railroad is the result of a partnership between British companies and the Mexican government, aimed to connect Mexico and Europe…

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Social Media Digest from the Huffington Post

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Facebook Responds to Negative Reactions to Its Experiment on Users



The furor surrounding Facebook’s decision to conduct an experiment that secretly manipulated the News Feed of some users to study emotion contagion reached a peak this weekend, with many calling the act creepy at best, and downright unethical at worst

Although the editor of the study recently admitted to being “a little creeped out” by the way in which the study was conducted, Facebook itself had not offered any detailed comment on the matter — until now

In a public post on Facebook, one of the co-authors of the study, Adam D. I. Kramer, a member of Facebook’s Core Data Science Team, finally responded to the study’s critics Read more…

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You May Have Been A Lab Rat In A Huge Facebook Experiment

A newly published paper reveals that scientists at Facebook conducted a massive psychological experiment on hundreds of thousands of users by tweaking their feeds and measuring how they felt afterward. In other words, Facebook decided to try to manipulate some people’s emotional states — for science. The research involved Facebook’s News Feed — the stream of status updates, photos and news articles that appears when you first fire up the site. For a week in January 2012, a group of researchers, variously affiliated with Facebook, Cornell University and the University of California, San Francisco, altered the algorithm that determines what shows…

Source: Technology – The Huffington Post

Anger Builds Over Facebook’s Emotion-Manipulation Study



A recently published study that manipulated Facebook News Feeds has sparked outrage among users who are criticizing the ethics behind the experiment, which was conducted by Facebook and several universities.

Researchers tweaked the feeds of 689,003 users to show a disproportionate number of positive or negative statuses for one week in January 2012. They found that the emotions of others on your News Feed can affect your mood, and published the results in the journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences). However, the researchers did not inform users that they were manipulating News Feeds, and many questioned the study’s ethics Read more…

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Fighter Jet’s Landing Gear Fails, So Pilot Lands Vertically On A Stool, On A Boat

On a wing and a prayer. Oh, and a stool — don’t forget the stool! Capt. William Mahoney made use of each on June 7, after the front landing gear on his AV-8B Harrier jet failed shortly after take off from the USS Bataan, an amphibious assault ship currently out in the Mediterranean Sea, according to the Navy Times. Unable to make a conventional landing, the Marine had to set the jet down by lowering it vertically onto a modified stool on the ship’s top deck. In a video of the incident, Mahoney explains he knew he had a problem shortly…

Source: Technology – The Huffington Post

A Gift to Google+ on Its Third Birthday: No More Facebook Comparisons



Google+ turns 3 years old on Saturday, a birthday the service is celebrating with little fanfare (if at all)

Google didn’t make any major announcements or release any special features to commemorate the moment. Google+ didn’t even rate an appearance at Google I/O, the company’s biggest tech conference, which wrapped up on Thursday

Google, for whatever reason, seems to be content to let the event pass. The birthday is just happening: another year older, another year wiser. That’s why I believe Google+ deserves a special gift from the rest of us: Let’s stop comparing it to Facebook Read more…

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Social Media Digest from the Huffington Post

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