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Facebook Changes Its ‘Move Fast and Break Things’ Motto



Facebook‘s mantra for developers has long been “Move Fast and Break Things.” It meant that new tools and features on the platform might not be perfect, but creation speed was key, even if there were some missteps along the way.

Now, CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to be a little more careful in getting it right the first time. As a part of his keynote presentation at the F8 Developers conference on Wednesday, he announced Facebook is now embracing the motto “Move Fast With Stable Infra.”

“We used to have this famous mantra … and the idea here is that as developers, moving quickly is so important that we were even willing to tolerate a few bugs in order to do it,” Zuckerberg said. “What we realized over time is that it wasn’t helping us to move faster because we had to slow down to fix these bugs was slowing us down and not improving our speed.” Read more…

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Putin’s Diatribe Against Google

When Vladimir Putin launched into a diatribe about the internet and called it a CIA project, the rant got plenty of coverage. Unfortunately though, the West perceived the rant as just another of Putin’s megalomaniacal outbursts aimed at them. Little or no real analysis went into the question of why, while at a conference on media in St. Petersburg, the president of Russia would say those things or what he hoped to achieve by saying them. So, why did he do it? Everyone already knows about PRISM, the NSA’s program that collected a googolplex of information which is stored in cavernous…

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Something Truly Terrifying Came Through This Family’s Baby Monitor

An intruder terrified an Ohio family by making his way into their sleeping 10-month-old daughter’s bedroom and screaming at her to wake up. And he did it all without ever setting foot in their home. A hacker took control of the baby monitor camera in Heather and Adam Schreck’s daughter Emma’s room one night and terrorized the family for a brief few minutes, per area news outlet Fox19. The mother said she heard what sounded like a man’s voice coming from the baby’s room during the night, and when she checked the camera feed from her baby’s room, she noticed the…

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We’re All Disabled

Click here to watch the TEDTalk that inspired this post. I don’t know why people make such a big deal out of people with disabilities. The problem lies in how people think about disability. First, most of us think of disability rather narrowly, for instance, when someone is missing a limb, paralyzed and in a wheelchair, or blind. Basically, any condition that is obvious and limits people from doing things that so-called normal people can do. Second, people tend to think of disability as dichotomous; meaning you have it or you don’t. But I see disability as lying along a continuum;…

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4 Must Have Digital Marketing Core Competencies

Marketing is undergoing a dramatic transformation. According to enterprise technology analyst and best-selling author Paul Greenberg, popularly known as “the Godfather of CRM”, the battle for customers has gone from competing against other competitors to competing for customer’s attention. Marketo’s CMO, Sanjay Dholakia noted that this change, coupled with the fact that the way people buy has changed, is forcing marketers to rethink the way they market and the tools they market with. As a result, marketers are spending increasing amounts on technology, digital marketing and sales and marketing automation. Paul Greenberg and Sanjay Dholakia (CMO, Marketo) The different type of…

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Think Dirty App Reveals Just How Toxic Certain Beauty Products Are

From Mother Nature Network’s Starre Vartan: I’m really not sure why we live in a world where living healthfully is so difficult and complicated (wouldn’t making healthy choices easy save us the time, pain, and money illness causes?). But we do. For now, if you want to avoid toxins and chemicals in your food or beauty products — and choose effective natural ingredients instead — you are going to have to take extra time and energy to do so. I know, it’s frustrating. As is often the case, technology has answered consumer demand for information more quickly than the companies that…

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Daily Social Media Digest from the Huffington Post

  • With the constant flow of communication resulting from the ever-growing use and presence of devices, it seems that breaking up is getting harder and harder to do, and sucking more and more. Read more: Technology and Dating, Social Media, Relationships, Social Media Relationships, 21st Century, Technology and Relationships, 21st Century Relationships, Technology News
  • Marketing is undergoing a dramatic transformation. According to enterprise technology analyst and best-selling author Paul Greenberg, popularly know… Read more: Social Media, Leadership, Business News, Marketing, Innovation, Business, Technology, Culture, Technology News

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These Kids Thought Their School Lacked A Place Of Discovery. So They’re Building One

The students of REALM charter school in Berkeley, Calif., are putting their creativity to the test. In the past, the eighth-graders have had the opportunity to create laser-etched skateboards and build classrooms out of shipping containers, but this year they’ve decided to build their school’s first library, Berkeleyside reported. “There were some students who said, ‘We don’t have a library period,'” Emily Pilloton, REALM’s creativity director, told Yahoo’s Good News blog. “But there were others who said, ‘We don’t have a place to explore. We don’t have a place to relax. We don’t have a place of discovery.'” So now the…

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Don’t Do It, Sad Clown; You Can Still Get A Job!

Think the sad clown trope has been overdone? You might think again when you watch this twisted video which, at first glance, appears to be an ad for a job-seeking website. In the video (below), the out-of-work alkie mirth-maker is about as obsolete as his message machine. So he tries something drastic — and it isn’t a seltzer in the face. The spot conveys the message that you might want to put desperate moves on hold until you’ve tried Sadly, the employment site doesn’t exist, AdWeek pointed out. The link leads instead to a portfolio for a filmmaker who goes…

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Boomer Is The Adorable Baby Robot Dinosaur You Wish You Had (VIDEO)

Meet Boomer. He’s a robot dinosaur. The adorable Tyrannosaurus Rex was created by toy inventor Never Ben and his team, and though Boomer is just a prototype, he can already sit and speak on command, and react to “food” by chomping down. Boomer also expresses some basic emotions, He is generally pretty friendly, but you probably shouldn’t pull on his tail because it makes him mad. Watch the video above to see all Boomer’s reactions and functions. It’s pretty impressive, and we are seriously hoping Boomer will be in stores by next Christmas. Via Viral Viral Videos

Source: Technology – The Huffington Post

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