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What’s New On Netflix In June 2014?

At this point, it’s safe to say the warm weather is finally here to stay. While you may have visions of yourself spending all day and night outside for the next three months, a summer night spent with Netflix is hardly a summer night wasted … especially with all the great movies and TV shows the streaming service is rolling out this month. Here’s what’s new on Netflix this June: TV Shows: 1. “Trailer Park Boys Live In F**kin’ Dublin,” available June 1 2. “Trailer Park Boys: Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys,” available June 1 3. “Sherlock: Season 3,” available…

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Social Media Digest from the Huffington Post

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Latin America in the Technology Tsunami

A technology tsunami is about to transform our lives and the global economy. It will be the biggest industrial revolution ever. Latin Americans can surf this giant wave to propel the region into an era of prosperity, inclusion and sustainability. But its disruptive power should not be underestimated. In recent decades we saw the emergence of powerful digital technologies. But this was just the beginning. We are in the early stages of a revolution driven by the confluence of exponential technologies such as ubiquitous computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, advanced genomics, nanotechnology, renewable energies and 3D printers. After decades of unmet promises…

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A Kimye Wedding Photo Is Now the Most-Liked Photo on Instagram



You know how the saying goes: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes setting Instagram records

Reality star Kim Kardashian now has bragging rights for holding the Instagram photo with the most Likes. It’s the image of her and new hubby Kanye West kissing at their wedding in Italy last weekend.

The pic has accumulated 1.96 million Likes in just three days. (That makes the 24 Likes on your sunset selfie seem just sad.)

Kardashian steals the Instagram crown from pop star Justin Bieber, whose photo — which depicts him cozying up with on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez — has racked up 1.82 million Likes in five months Read more…

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King Richard III Wasn’t A Hunchback After All, Scientists Say

LONDON (AP) — He may have had a twisted spine, but England’s King Richard III was no hunchback, according to a new analysis of the medieval king’s skeleton. After the bones of the 15th-century king were discovered under a parking lot in central England in 2012, scientists scanned the remains of Richard III’s back and created replicas of each bone to reconstruct his spine. The researchers said while Richard III had a severe case of scoliosis, he was far from the limping “hunchbacked toad” with a withered arm depicted in William Shakespeare’s play. “Richard had a very squishy spine but it…

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Cybercrime On The Rise, Survey Finds

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — The hackers are winning, according to a survey of 500 executives of U.S. businesses, law enforcement services and government agencies released Wednesday. The 12th annual survey of cybercrime trends found that online attackers determined to break into computers, steal information and interfere with business are more technologically advanced than those trying to stop them. The survey was co-sponsored by San Jose, California-based business consulting firm PwC, the U.S. Secret Service, the CERT Division of Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute and CSO security news magazine. Three out of four respondents said they had detected a security…

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Review: Waterproof Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Reminds Us Why the iPad No Longer Is King

I’ve always been and will always be a technophile. But despite my love affair with the latest smartphones, smart home devices, computers and anything claiming to be artificially intelligent, I’ve never owned a tablet or have needed to. Coming from a longtime tech geek who’s always ahead of the digital curve, it’s quite ironic to only get it now so late in the game. I blame it on the right tablet taking its sweet time to finally smack me in my face. That tablet is the high-end Sony Xperia Z2, which is not to be confused with the new Sony Xperia…

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‘I’m Not Very Social’: Sergey Brin Admits His Google+ Mistake



Google cofounder Sergey Brin admitted Tuesday that he should not have been even “marginally” involved in the company’s social network, Google+, claiming that he’s “not a very social person.”

“It was probably a mistake,” he said on stage at ReCode‘s first Code Conference near Los Angeles, “for me to be working on anything tangentially related to social to begin with.”

It is widely believed that former Google executive Vic Gundotra was primarily responsible for founding Google+, and led the charge for it until he left the company in April. This is the first time Brin has said he was involved with the gestation of the service in any way Read more…

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Are You Sending the Message You Want to Send?

Are You Sending the Message You Want to Send? written by John Jantsch read more at Small Business Marketing Blog from Duct Tape Marketing Marketing Podcast with Nick Morgan You’ve probably come upon some variation of the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote – “Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying.”  When it comes to speaking in public, leading teams or even having a personal conversation, we communicate a great deal about how we areContinue Reading Related posts: The Medium is the Message Most first year college students are familiar with Marshall McLuhan’s… Trust Me: Four Steps…

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Your Favorite Website Is Probably Terrible At Passwords

Some of your favorite websites could be putting your online security at risk, according to a new study conducted by Dashlane, a password and identity management company. Dashlane’s Security Roundup for the second quarter of 2014 ranks websites on the strength of their password policies. To come up with its list, Dashlane ranked websites on several factors, from whether they allowed common passwords to how fast they sent account confirmation emails. Each site is rated on a scale of 100 to -100, with 100 as the highest score and -100 as the lowest score sites can get. Unsurprisingly, some top sites don’t particularly…

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