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  • For almost the entirety of our existence as a species, Homo sapiens have evolved and lived in small groups of less than a couple of hundred people. Facebook just acted accordingly. Read more: Social Media, Language, Social Networks, Brain, Conversation, Evolution, Whatsapp, Facebook, Human Nature, Technology News #
  • Whether you like it or not, you’re probably on Facebook more often than you want to be. A lot of people wish they didn’t feel compelled to check it ov… Read more: Facebook Tips, Facebook, Facebook Help, Facebook Tip, Facebook Work for You, Technology News #
  • Are Linkedin users actually developing new paid business from their efforts on the site — and specifically, how are they doing it? Well, that would be the 64-dollar question, would it not? The short answer is yes. Read more: Linkedin Networking, Business Development, Linkedin, Sales, Social Networks, Social Networking, LinkedIn Marketing, Linkedin Tips, Linkedin Profile, LinkedIn for Sales, Linkedin Advice, Business News #
  • I have a voice. I have opinions. I have experiences. 50 years ago, if I wanted to share my voice, I would have had a very small reach: the people I work with, friends and family. Read more: Social Media, Revolution, Technology News #
  • Have you noticed that these events have gotten so much more human? The quest for viewer engagement and the inclusion of the viewer in the viewing has made these events not only so much more fun, but also more real. Read more: Social Media, Television, Oscars, Academy Awards, Ellen Degeneres, Live Tweet, Entertainment News #
  • Move over, Amazon. These drones aren’t for convenience — they’re for humanitarianism. TechCrunch reported Tuesday that according to anonymous sour… Read more:, Mark Zuckerberg Drones, Titan Aerospace Zuckerberg, Facebook, Titan Aerospace, Facebook Drones, Facebook Uavs, Facebook, Drones, Internet Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Impactx, Facebook Titan, Technology News #
  • By now, everyone’s read and heard about Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie that was 1) amazing, with all those stars! and 2) broke all records at more than 2 mil… Read more: Twitter Is Broken, Social Media, Selfie, Ellen Degeneres, Social TV, Oscar Selfie, Technology News #
  • Facebook can be seen as a digital scrapbook, a journal, a way to collect memories in an interactive way, and therefore, it is a modern-day narrative, a timeline to “make sense of what happened.” Read more: Dr. Leeat Granek, Social Media, Joan Didion, Maggie Estep, James Baldwin, Grief, Dealing With Grief, Mourning, Loss, Facebook, The Yellow Dogs, Death, Miscarriage Grief, Death of a Loved One, Death of a Parent, Grieving Online, Grieving on Social Media, Women News #
  • We ought to worry what the constant cognitive Mardi Gras of our über-connected/multitasking existence is doing to our social and intellectual health, to our decision making, and even literally to our safety. Read more: Google Analytics, Multitasking, Fat Tuesday, Calories, Brain, Email, Twitter, Smart Phone, Attention Span, Mardi Gras, Slate, Facebook, Cognition, Lent, Farhad Monjoo, Healthy Living News #
  • It is widely understood that Lent is a period of fasting and sacrifice, but what are people actually giving up for the 40-day fast? OpenBible’s 2… Read more: Lent Fast, Twitter Lent Tracker, Lent Twitter Tracker, Lent 2014, Twitter, Twitter Lent, Christianity, Ash Wednesday, Lent, What People Give Up for Lent, Religion News #
  • It is getting easier and easier to catch litigants in lies. You don’t need hire a private detective or be lucky enough to catch them on surveillance tape. It is a lot simpler than that. Best of all, the proof is unimpeachable. Read more: Social Media, Stupidity, Divorce, Social Networking, Divorce News #
  • Be aware and more careful of what you do and say online. If you don’t want it printed in a headline for all to see, don’t write it. Take time occasionally to remove previous posts, comments, photos, and likes. Better still, delete accounts for social networks you no longer use. Read more: Internet Privacy, Identity Theft, The Future, Online Privacy, Personal Data, Facebook Privacy, Facebook, Technology News #
  • One day, Charley Joe had a new wacky idea. Business was a little rough, but he was full of creative ideas. He decided that on “Fat Tuesday” he would offer a free piece of fudge to anyone over 300 pounds. He said this on his Facebook page where all 400 fans rejoiced his idea. Everyone, but one fan liked the idea… Read more: Candy, Business News, 300-Pounds, Fat, Heart-of-Gold, Fat Tuesday, Obesity, Social Media, Small-Business-Promotions, Cnn, Mardi Gras, Media News #
  • What happens when two Boomers who have been writing together since they were 10-years-old, get together with their millennial children to do a parody of Dolly Parton’s classic “9 to 5”? Read more: Workplace Humor, Millennials, Millennials in the Workplace, Instagram, Social Media, Getting a Job, Millennial Generation, Nine to Five, Daily Grind, Job Search, Comedy, Comedy News #
  • These days, the most effective way to find a job may be to attract employers to you. How can you do that? By creating and maintaining public profiles … Read more: Social Media, Jobs, Job Search, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Google Plus, Defensive-Googling, Job Hunting, Facebook, Job Hunting Advice, Amazon, Business News #
  • My Facebook pal Jeannie received the email several weeks ago. A close friend passed away and the service was taking place the following day. Jeannie thought about sending a sympathy card or paying her respects in person. There was just one small problem. “I wish I knew who I lost,” she messaged me. Read more: Technology News, Email Scam, Satire, Spam, Phishing, Technology, Humor News, Facebook, Death, Funeral, Funeral Home, Technology News #
  • The golden era of Twitter is over. At least for building a following quickly in a now more established Twitter world. In its early days, bunches of Tw… Read more: Twitter, Nightlife, Social Media, Twitter Handles, New York, Social Media Tips, Technology News #
  • Facebook announced Wednesday that it’s cracking down on people who try to use the site to sell guns illegally. However, it stopped short of an outrigh… Read more: Instagram, Fb Guns, Facebook Gun Sales, Facebook Firearms, Facebook, Social Media Guns, Facebook Sells Guns, Facebook Illegal Guns, Facebook Guns, Technology News #
  • If you’re creating a strategy, writing copy, designing sharable images, or producing content for digital engagement, ask yourself these four questions. Read more: Social Media, Tone, Social Strategy, Content, Content Creation, Nonprofits, Non-Government-Organizations, Impactx, Business Strategy, Ngos, Content Marketing, Approach, Social Media Marketing, Impact News #
  • I read a great Tweet recently that said, “If the photo was taken by a medical device it doesn’t need to be shared on your social channels.” Hashtag, agree. Read more: Instagram, Internet, Selfies, Social Media, Twitter, Instagram Filters, Photoshop, Posting on Facebook, Obnoxious, Comedy, Baby Pictures, Comedy News #
  • With so much of our socializing done virtually, it is no surprise that we are grieving and mourning the deaths of our loved ones online too. Here are a few Dos and Don’ts for grieving online. Read more: Internet, Bereavement, Dying, Funeral Selfie, Social Networking, Grief, Etiquette, Technology, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Death, Technology News #
  • In preparation for The Third Metric’s upcoming event Thrive in New York, D.C. and Los Angeles, industry leaders attended a special session at NYC Social Media Week. Read more: Social Media, Third Metric, Psychology, Service, The Third Metric, Healthy Living News #
  • With the electronic frontier evolving, online defamation has reared an ugliness that has ruined lives both emotionally and financially. Read more: Oversharing Online, Digital Profiile, Cyer Harassment, Cyberbullying, Cybersafety, Online Privacy, Parenting, Online Safety, Facebook, Oversharing, Internet Defamation, Digital Citizenship, Parents News #
  • The amount that we share online makes us more likely to feel like sharing widely is a normal thing, online and off. But the ease with which we publicize seemingly harmless bits of personal information online and off is often what scam artists rely upon when they go phishing. Read more: Instagram, Foursquare, Lyft, Twitter, Identity Theft, Geolocation, Facebook Privacy, Facebook, Foursquare Privacy, Airbnb, Social Media, Social Media Security, Social Media Habits, Airpnp, Netflix, Technology News #
  • There is no doubt Netflix’s strategy of enabling users to binge watch old TV episodes has been successful, but is it the optimal strategy for releasing high profile new content? Read more: Hbo, True Detective, Netflix, House of Cards, Binge Watching, Tv, Social Media, Entertainment News #

Source: Social Media on Huffington Post


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